Satchel Creek Steaks

From Our Ranch To Your Table



 Kansans know that many natural treasures can be found in the beautiful, Flint Hills of Kansas! Satchel Creek Ranch is perfectly positioned in the prairie grasslands just a short drive east of El Dorado, Ks near Rosalia. The Satchel Creek twists and turns through the Satchel Creek Ranch and runs all the way to El Dorado Lake. Satchel Creek Ranch and raising cattle has been a big part of the Tonn Oppold family for many generations. This family-owned and operated Cattle ranch is where the Tonn Oppold family takes pride in raising cattle that produce healthy, lean beef products ranging from ground beef to some of the highest, quality, cuts of steak in the U.S. The meat from Satchel Creek Steaks is great for snacking, broiling, smoking and especially grilling! If you would like to know more about life on Satchel Creek Ranch check back to see the upcoming updates to this website or if you want to know more about our healthy, lean beef products, simply send us an email!